Joël Rocha

New York, NY

Known for their eclectic personality, Honduran-born and proud Garifuna (Garinagu) oboist Joël Angel Rocha is a pioneering artist geared to representing the full range of the oboe, from the standard medieval/baroque style to the contemporary/improvisational style.

As an educator, Joël Rocha teaches from the most beginner to the most advanced, and believes in the motto “Music is for all no matter the social status, history, or talent.” They believe all beings interested in learning should be given the opportunity to learn.

Currently Joël Rocha is on faculty with the Empowering Communities through Art Organization (ECTA), and the Global Music School for the Arts and Collaboration. Joël has performed with the New England Repertory Orchestra, Brooklyn Chamber Orchestra, NYSound Circuit (a contemporary ensemble based in New York City), and the Albany Symphony. During their free time, Joël Rocha is a enthusiastic reed-maker, and an all around jovial being.

Joël Rocha holds a Bachelor's Degree from the Manhattan School of Music, where they were under the tutelage of James Austin Smith. Prior they were under the tutelage of Aaron Lakota, Fred Cohen, and Mary Watt.

Joël Rocha is currently accepting students in any of the three instruments: Oboe and solo English Horn. Unlike most wind players, Joël’s musical journey originated with the string and vocal repertoire, which has categorized them as a “Poetic, Lyrical, and Welcoming sound” (Chicopee Register).

Joël Rocha