Art Supply

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are your Art Services priced?

This varies depending on the needs of the job and other factors, such as travel costs.

Q: How can I and why should I support ECTA?

We are currently accepting donations. Donations can be made here.  

You should consider supporting ECTA because we are actively creating new opportunities for artists and make arts education more attainable for all. 

Q: How can I be involved in my child's lesson?

There are many ways for a parent to be involved in a child's education. We find that for younger students, it can be helpful for the parent to take notes during the lesson and try to play an active role in the child's practice regimen to foster good habits. For students in their early to mid-teens, we believe a more hands-off approach is better to allow the student to develop the autonomy they will need as an adult. 

Q: What are some of the benefits of taking dance lessons?

Dance not only positively affects a person's health, but it also gives people an outlet to express themselves. Dance aids in building confidence in your body, appearance, and overall attitude. There are infinite possibilities to explore new styles of dance, and it truly allows people to be storytellers without saying a word.

Q: Are the private lessons beginner friendly?

Absolutely! At ECTA, has instructors that are not only great performers, but who have also been trained and hold credentials in the art of pedagogy. This allows our instructors to teach students of all ages and experience appropriately.

Q: What makes ECTA instructors the best?

Our instructors teach a wide range of students, from students with disabilities to older adults. Many of our instructors have been performing for over a decade and are actively involved in new projects while teaching. 

Q: When does ECTA run?

All of our programs run year-round. 

Q: What are some of the benefits of taking music lessons?

Your memorization, translation, and creative skills will be challenged and expanded. You will become more in tune with your mind and body. You will also grow more confident in yourself as you progress.

Q: What are some of the benefits of taking drama lessons?

There are many facets to the field of dramatic arts. Students gain confidence with public speaking, and have the opportunity to bounce off ideas with their instructor, in order to get their creative juices flowing.

Q: What makes ECTA different from other art organizations?

Through community outreach, ECTA bring the arts to communities and spaces that are traditionally overlooked as performance venues, such as elderly homes and hospitals. This provides opportunities for students to apply what they learn and thrive while enriching the community. 

Also, while many organizations specialize in a specific area like classical music education, ECTA offers a wealth of choices for prospective students to study via a multi-disciplined roster.